what we want

As we embark on this massive constitutional journey we want to make sure that the government faithfully transposes EU law into UK domestic law with as few changes as possible.

We want to make sure that the government remains faithful to the principle of taking back control and make sure that control truly does reside with Parliament. There must be robust parliamentary scrutiny and safeguards against transfer of power to the Executive.

We want to see:
Open and accountable law making:

  • Respect for democratic processes, including the devolved nature of the UK Constitution.
  • There must be clear limits and safeguards on the powers given to ministers in the bill.
  • There must be robust parliamentary scrutiny at all levels with appropriate levels of transparency and debate both before and during the conversion process.

A high standards UK:

  • Ensuring that as EU law is transposed into domestic law, rights and standards for all sectors are maintained.
  • A UK framework for common standards, that is mutually agreed between the four administrations, to enable cross-border working and maintain an internal common market. This framework must respect the devolution settlements, meaning any administration can raise standards within the scope of those settlements, if they wish to do so
  • Leaving the EU must not create a governance gap. EU institutions have a role in monitoring, oversight and ensuring compliance with the law as well as setting regulations. Where governance arrangements are changed as a result of leaving the EU, there must be clear powers and procedures for ensuring the law is properly implemented and enforced on an ongoing basis.

Campaigns toolkit- your guide to campaigning on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill

Our campaigning toolkit contains loads of tips and advice on how you and your organisation can campaign to improve to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill- get in touch with malene@repealbill.org or jane.thomas@repealbill.org for a free copy, available both in print and digital.