Charities Join Business In Warning Of Brexit Uncertainty



Press release by the Repeal Bill Alliance, embargoed until 00:01 Thursday 5 July. For extended comment or more information, please contact Victor Anderson, at or 0787 9440 843

Ahead of the publication of the long awaited Government White Paper on the UK’s future relationship post Brexit, an Alliance of civil society groups is publishing its own White Paper [1].

The Repeal Bill Alliance of over 80 local, national and international groups, came together over concerns that Brexit legislation may lead to a loss of rights, justice, standards for groups and individuals in the UK [2].

It’s not just legislation. Uncertainty about future funding and economic impacts affects us all. Alliance co-ordinator Jane Thomas said:

"Many social and regeneration initiatives and infrastructure projects are reliant on EU funding . People’s jobs are at stake, and civil society organisations are also currently unable to plan ahead, especially with the threat of a “No Deal” Brexit.

"The debates on the EU Withdrawal Act also raised many issues which remain unresolved, especially over parliamentary sovereignty and the ability to scrutinise important legislation"

Report lead author of the Repeal Bill Alliance’s Brexit White Paper, Victor Anderson said:

"Businesses rightly complain about Brexit uncertainties making it impossible to plan. The same is true for civil society organisations, and the Government needs to listen to our concerns too. Whatever the overall impact of Brexit, it is clear there are some parts of the UK which are going to need considerable government financial help if they are to get through the next few years."

Liz Shannon from the Equality and Diversity Forum (EDF) said:

“EDF commissioned research which shows that marginalised and disadvantaged groups could lose out on crucial support when Britain leaves the EU [3].

“The European Union has provided funding that has helped to challenge injustice, including projects which combat violence against women, hate crime and discrimination and exploitation at work. We urge the government to continue to support this vital work”.


Notes To Editors:

[1] The Repeal Bill Alliance’s White Paper will be published on our website Thursday 5th July-

[2] The Repeal Bill Alliance is a coalition of a wide range of charities and other civil society organisations, more than 80 in total. It was formed to focus on the Withdrawal Bill, and now we are following that up by working on the next stages of the Brexit process. For more information, visit our website. The Repeal Bill Alliance operates on the following principles -

Open and accountable law-making:

Respect for democratic processes, including the devolved nature of the UK constitution.

There must be clear limits and safeguards on the powers given to ministers in the bill.

There must be robust parliamentary scrutiny at all levels with appropriate levels of transparency and debate both before and during the conversion process.

A high standards UK:

Ensuring that as EU law is transposed into UK law, rights and standards for all sectors are maintained.

A UK framework for common standards, mutually agreed between the four administrations, to enable cross-border working and maintain an internal common market. This framework must respect the devolution settlements, meaning any administration can raise standards within the scope of those settlements, if they wish to do so.

Leaving the EU must not create a governance gap. EU institutions have a role in monitoring, oversight and ensuring compliance with the law as well as setting regulations.

Where governance arrangements are changed as a result of leaving the EU, there must be clear powers and procedures for ensuring the law is properly implemented and enforced on an ongoing basis.

[3] Equality and Diversity Forum UK- Shared Prosperity, Shared Rights: replacing EU funding for equality and human rights after Brexit. Available at: