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As the UK exits from the European Union, it is important that civil society organisations understand the process and work together to make sure our voices are heard.



There is strength in numbers - we have members from a range of sectors, including human rights, environment, worker’s rights, equality, democracy, food, farming, trade and education.

Join us to make your voice heard.

Why join us?

  • We connect organisations across the UK working on the same issues - members benefit from a directory of contacts

  • We host events with civil society organisations across the UK

  • We link politicians and decisions-makers to areas of expertise and knowledge outside of Westminster and Whitehall

  • We provide a digital space and directory of resources and campaign material

  • We send weekly newsletter updates to our members about the Brexit process & what it means for civil society

  • We ensure that civil society organisations understand parliamentary processes and are able to use the law to protect and advance the rights of their beneficiaries.

  • We develop working groups to measure the impact of Brexit on different sectors and play an active role in influencing outcomes.

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Here you will find briefings, explainers, toolkit & analysis from the Alliance and our members on what Brexit means for open & accountable lawmaking, devolution fundamental rights & standards.