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The Brexit Civil Society Alliance is a UK wide alliance of charities, voluntary and campaigning organisations, all working together to ensure that the voices of civil society are heard in the Brexit process.


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Who We Are

While attention has been paid to the future of business with Brexit, often the human impact and stories are being forgotten. The Brexit Civil Society Alliance is here to make sure that the concerns, hopes and aspirations of civil society are centre stage as the UK makes its exit from the European Union

We help to give a voice to a wide range of groups in the Brexit process, from across all parts of the UK - connecting Wales, Scotland, Northern and Ireland and England. These voices come from health, human rights, environment, consumer and workers rights, equality, food, farming, trade and education.

Established in July 2017 the Alliance has been active in helping to shape and improve Brexit legislation, connect politicians with civil society and help educate, inform and advocate for those who may feel remote from the Brexit process.

The Alliance is neutral on the 2016 referendum outcome and does not take positions on what direction the Brexit process should take. We seek to raise the concerns of member organisations and work to ensure that the Brexit process delivers on our three principles: open and accountable lawmaking; a high standards UK; and no governance gap after Brexit

The Alliance’s work is made possible by the generous support of the Legal Education Foundations and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust. We are hosted by Unlock Democracy.

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What We Want

We want to make sure that civil society organisations understand the process and what is entailed as we leave the EU and are able to best advocate and articulate their interests in the Brexit process.

1. Open & Accountable Lawmaking - Legislating for Brexit must respect the democratic processes, including the devolved nature of the UK constitution. There must be clear limits and safeguards on executive power. There must be robust parliamentary scrutiny at all levels with appropriate transparency and debate.

2. A high standards UK, with rights, standards and funding to underpin them maintained - Leaving the EU should not mean weaker standards, fewer rights or loss of funding. A UK framework for common standards must be mutually agreed between the four administrations to enable cross-border working and internal common market

3. Leaving the EU should not create a governance gap - EU institutions have a role in monitoring, oversight and ensuring compliance with the law as well as setting regulations. Where governance arrangements are changed as a result of leaving the EU, there must be clear powers and procedures for ensuring the law is properly implemented and enforced on an ongoing basis.

What We Do


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We work together to ensure that civil society has a voice in the Brexit process

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Brexit poses significant, complex challenges for civil society. We make sure policy makers hear from civil society about the impacts of Brexit

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We keep our members informed about what Brexit means for their organisation


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Brexit poses significant complex challenges for civil society, we make sure policy makers hear from civil society about the impacts of Brexit.

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